Liana Willis (October 2015)

Liana Willis is a second-year English M.A. student genuinely interested in all branches of critical theory, but in particular traditional Marxist and neo-Marxist cultural materialisms.  When not teaching, reading, consulting, or writing, she can be found somewhere nearby discreetly practicing yoga asanas and wishing she could be sleeping right now.

To read and comment on her posts individually, click on the links below:

Changing the World from Within to Without: My Take on the Importance of Critical Theory (9 Oct. 2015)

Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Unless You Prefer to “Spritz”): Debunking the Myth of Faster = Better (So You Can Feel Better About Yourself) (16 Oct. 2015)

What is It is also Other (Or so Chuang-Tzu Tells Me…): Questioning Common Sense and Ideology (23 Oct. 2015)

“The Illusion of Choice”: Forced Freedom in Mr. Robot and Late Capitalist Society (30 October 2015)