Hillarie Curtis (October 2017, March 2017)

Hillarie ‘Rhyse’ Curtis is a Ph.D. student at Syracuse University where she studies (and occasionally writes about) queer narratives, masculinity, trauma, war, and fan fiction, among other things.

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October 2017:

How We Talk About Trauma: Gaslight and the Importance of Maintaining a Bi-Focal Critical View 

Scholarship and Affect: Merging Critical and Fan Identities

What More Does the Traveler Want of Me?: Destiny 2, Ghaul, and the Sci-Fi Villain

March 2017:

Monster and Men Part II: Healing Toxic Masculinity, Disney’s new Beast

Monsters and Men Part I: Gaston, Trauma, and Toxic Masculinity

“Blindspots” and Bright Spots

Facebook and Uncanny Identity