Evan Hixon (Dec 2017, Nov 2016, April 2016)

Evan Hixon is a third year PhD student in the English Department.  His studies focus on Early Modern British theater with an emphasis on Shakespeare, political theory and Anglo-Italian relations.  His current research work examines the rise of English Machiavellian political thought during the reign of Elizabeth I.

To read and comment on his posts individually, click on the links below:

December 2017

“I am Richard II, Know Thee not that”: Drama and Political Anxiety in Shakespeare’s London

“I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him”: Shakespeare and the Politics of Interpretation

November 2016

“Popp’d in Between th’ Election and My Hopes”:  Using Shakespeare to Understand Contemporary Politics

“In Troy There Lies the Scene”:  Teaching Students to Think about Shakespeare

“Bring in The Crows to Peck the Eagles:” Rewriting the Politics of “Coriolanus”

“Report Me and My Cause Aright:” Hamlet and the Political Power of Dramatic Narrative

April 2016:

Hated, Feared and Loved: Popular Representations of Nicollo Machiavelli (8 April 2016)

‘You win or You Die’: Game of Thrones and Machiavellian Amorality (15 April 2016)

Privileged Positions:  House of Cards and Frank Underwood’s Machiavellian Monologues (22 April 2016)

Machiavelli’s “Small Volume”:  The Legacy of the Stage Machiavel (29 April 2016)