Ashley O’Mara (November 2017, January 2017, January 2016, October 2014)

Ashley O’Mara is a PhD student and teaching associate in the Syracuse University English program. She studies asexuality, celibacy, and the queer politics of Catholicism after the Reformation in Early Modern English literature. In her down time, she writes creative nonfiction and listens to Mashrou’ Leila. She has very strong opinions about hummus. Visit her website for further information.

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November 2017

Valuing Difference: An Ace on Food, Friendship, and Fluffy Companionship

Normalizing Difference: Redefining Asexuality

Abnormalizing Difference: Sexual Normativity in Asexual Sherlock Fanfic

Misrepresenting Difference: Objectifying Asexuality in Journalism

October 2017

Special Edition: How I Misplaced My Faith

January 2017

Coda: Converting Art — Literature During Political Repression

Persuasive Performance: Theater and ConversionLegalizing Repression: “Muslim Registries” and English Recusants

Un/natural Citizens: Naturalization and Conversion

January 2016

Coda: The Human in the Humanities (29 Jan. 2016)

A Match Made in the Archive: Reading and Poaching Through Ngrams and Rare Books (22 January 2016)

Common Knowledge?: EEBO, #FrEEBO, and Public Domain Information (15 Jan. 2016)

The Human in the Digital Humanities (8 January 2016)

October 2014

Coda: Asexual Awareness Week and the Future of Queer Theory

Queering LGBT History: The Case of Sherlock Holmes Fanfic

Overwriting History: “Just Reading” and the Case of John Henry Newman

Recuperation as Resistance: The Icons of LGBT History

A History of LGBT History